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We will help find the right person for you from across different communities like Hindus, Sikhs, Muslims, Christians, and you name it.

Desiwedlocks.com brings a fantastic opportunity for all the Desis out here to finally help you discover happiness in USA through our one-on-one Traditional matchmaking services.

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Our Founder

Minakshie Manikk

We assure to present you only those profiles which are thoroughly verified, genuine and filtered. We keep all your information 100% secure, confidential, and safe with us unless you permit us to share with other prospects.

Find her on Email at desiwedlocks@gmail.com

Saddam Tyagi

Software Development

Aashish Kumar Sharma

Marketing Analyst

Kritiak Manik

Matrimonail Consultant

Vansh Manik

Team Supervisor
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1. Application Kit

Company sends the Application Kit to the Prospect.

2. Complete Application

Client Completes:
1. Registration Form
2. Assessment Form
3. Membership Form

3. Submit Application

Client submits Application with $51.00 Registration Fee along with 2 pics
Close up
Full Length

4. Application Reviewed

Matchmaker reviews the assessment form and arranges In-person or Virtual Home Tour

5. Deposit 1st Split

Client Pays 50% of the package they have Purchased before Home Tour

6. Home Tour

Matchmaker meets with the Client's family (Parents & Siblings during) Home Tour

7. Sharing Proflies

Matchmaker will start sharing the profiles after the Home Tour

8. Deposit 2nd Split

Client Pays the Balance 50% of the Package before meeting the Prospect