Ans: Unlike other websites we provide personalized handpicked matchmaking services to Desi Families who are Residents of USA, Canada, and India. We are not a dating company, but we do provide matrimonial services only for marriage. We do extensive paperwork for Pre-Matrimonial investigation to avoid any frauds or scams.

Ans:  Desi Wedlock is a “Risk-Free” Matchmaking Company. Unlike other matrimonial companies they don’t charge their Membership  Package Fee upfront. They charge their fee only after they finish the task. They believe in, “Avail the service first and pay later when the Match is finalized”.


  • Prospect Register on our website to create login account
  • Prospect completes the profile and upload his/her picture
  • We send approval email after reviewing and matching the eligibility criteria
  • Prospect pays Registration Fee
  • A matrimonial coordinator calls the prospect to schedule an appointment for Home-Tour/Telephonic Assessment
  • The Marketing team will design a classified ad for the prospect to display it on several platforms
  • Company maintains the confidentiality and privacy of the clients all the time
  • Profiles received in response to the classified ads are then shared with our registered members
  • Clients pay ‘The Package Fee’ after the match is finalized. Payment in full is due before the engagement of the singles who have finally decided to get married


Ans: Yes, we do charge $51.00 Registration Fee which is very much affordable, and it is due when you submit your profile and upload your picture. Finding match is a tedious job. We charge this fee to make sure the prospect is seriously involved in the business, and it is worth for us to put our time and use our resources to connect them with an appropriate partner.

Ans: Please call at (832)-805-1903 after you submit your profile and upload the picture. An official Matrimonial Coordinator will share the options with you to pay Registration Fee. Common resources used are; Zelle, Venmo, PayPal, Western Union, Cash, Direct Deposit in the Bank, Cashier Check or Bank Transfer/Wire Transfer.

Ans: Follow the directions mentioned in question 2. Register online, create a login account, and follow the subsequent steps to complete the registration process.

Ans: You can upload 2pictures; one close-up and another full length.

Ans: You will not be able to edit yourself. Please call at (832)-805-1903 and ask for Matrimonial Coordinator to assist you to rectify the information.

Ans: Yes, we use the updated technology to keep your information secure and confidential.

Ans: Please click on ‘Forgot Password’ and you will receive an email from our company to ‘Reset’ Password.

Ans: We would love to give you an accurate number if we could, however It is not fair on our part to make a false commitment for ‘n’ number of profiles to be shared every week whether they match or not. We believe in providing the quality service rather than just counting the number. Probably we will be able to share 1-2 profiles in a month, you might find some months with no response. Matchmaking is a gradual process and requires a lot of patience and understanding. We can definitely  accomplish our goal by working in a team work with full faith.

Ans: Yes, We charge additional fee to place premium ad for you or your loved one in multiple local newspapers in USA & Canada. Call our office number (832)-805-1903 to inquire more about local Newspaper Ad.

Ans: Yes, We do email and phone verification by sending verification code on phone to enter in the link sent via email.

Ans: We do background check as a Pre-Matrimonial Verification based on the package clients’ select.

Ans: No one can see your profile. It is completely confidential. Only the matchmaking team has access to your brief profile which includes information on date of birth, place of birth, time of birth, height, educational background, occupation, and contact information along with your picture to find an appropriate match for you.

Ans: We would be happy to give you the guarantee to find the match for sure. But many things in life don’t come with guarantee. We need to make adjustments and compromises in certain situations. Sometimes we see the things work out well and sometimes they may not despite of being made the sincere efforts. We may be able to give you guarantee on our part to do our best sincerely and give you positive results. Therefore it is very important for you to read our Membership Form and Agreement Form carefully that we will send you to sign once you create your profile online. If you are not comfortable with us, we would recommend you not to register with us.