"Tie the Knot and !!! Welcome to Wedding-Mart by Desi Wedlocks” !!!. Wedding Mart is a One Stop Shop for all Wedding Ceremonies and Rituals under One Umbrella”

Desi Wedlocks

Desiwedlocks.com brings a fantastic opportunity for all the Desis out here to finally help you discover happiness in USA through our one-on-one Traditional matchmaking services. Give us a chance and we will provide you with multiple potential profiles and present you with the brighter possibilities to get recognized by the capable profiles out there. Our profiles in wide number increase your likelihood of finding the ONE meant for you.

We will help find the right person for you from across different communities like Hindus, Sikhs, Muslims, Christians, and you name it.

We assure to present you only those profiles which are thoroughly verified, genuine and filtered. We keep all your information 100% secure, confidential, and safe with us unless you permit us to share with other prospects.

We are looking forward to serving you and will not breech your faith and trust you have put in for our services. Believe in us and leave the responsibility of finding the perfect life partner for you on us.

Why do you need Desi Wedlock?

Matchmaking has become an essential part of the life of those busy singles who do not have time to socialize. They are extremely tied up with their tight work hours and have time neither to date nor to make friends.

We are passionate to assist such singles in their journey to find their dream partner. We make all the sincere efforts to connect two individuals seeking our help to find their soulmate. We are neither a dating company nor an online service to connect life partners using self-service. We are personal handpicked matchmaking service and are the substitute of your parents and guardians to connect you with the genuine prospects and do all the pre-matrimonial investigation for you to make sure our clients do not become the victims of any fraud or scam. Our matchmaking criteria matches not only the educational and financial status of our prospects, but we do matchmaking based on the personality traits of our clients as well. Home-Tour is our essential assessment tool we use to understand our clients, their likes, preferences, and meet their family in person or virtually.

Desi Wedlock Corp reserves all the rights to reject the profiles of those prospects who do not meet the eligibility criteria.” 

How do we work?

Step 1

Prospects create login account to register with us on our website.

Step 2

Prospect creates their profile online and upload their picture to complete profile.

Step 3

Prospect receives an email from our head office for verification purpose

Step 4

An official Matrimonial coordinator will contact the client from head office after reviewing the profile to acknowledge that it is complete and accurate, and it meets all the eligibility criteria for verification. An official will also inform that it has been accepted by our company at the same time. In case if something is missing, the coordinator will help fix the missing information.

Step 5

Prospect pays the Registration Fee in the amount of $51.00 via Zelle, Venmo, PayPal, Western Union, Cash, Direct Deposit in the Bank, Cashier Check or Bank Transfer/Wire Transfer.

Step 6

An official Matrimonial coordinator will schedule an appointment with the prospect for “in-Person/Virtual Home Tour” where the Matchmaker Minakshie Maikkk, the CEO of Desi Wedlock Corp will meet with the prospect and his/her family in person or through video chat. This gives us the better perception to know more about our client, their preferences, their expectations, and their financial and family background.

Step 7

Company will create a small classified ad for client based on his/her general information maintaining the confidentiality and privacy. This ad is displayed on several platforms which may include but not limited to social media and several classified resources used by our efficient team

Step 8

Information of the prospects which includes personal details, Contact information and pictures, will be shared with only those members who have paid the Registration Fee.

Step 9

We start sharing profiles with prospects we get in response to their classified ads or we match them with the existing verified profiles we have in our database.

Step 10

When the match is finalized, the prospects pay Package fee in full before engagement.

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A few things we're great at..​

“Desi Wedlock Corp” is all about our families and individual prospects connected to us for a reason. For us families and our valued clients come first. Therefore, we believe that when two people make decision to tie the knot, they have all the right to know each other.!!! Yes!!! we are talking about the Pre-Matrimonial investigation Marriage is a most life changing event in someone’s life. This change has a two-sided impact on an individual. It can be good, or it can be bad. Unhealthy relationships are causing breaking up of marriage which is becoming very common these days for various reasons. To save our clients before marriage from the agony that lies in the doubt, we do assist the prospects with pre-matrimonial investigation before they make final decision by using multiple tools.


Kundali Match is considered to be an essential part of Hindu Marriages from the time immemorial. Kundali/Guna Milan is the first utmost step to plan the marriage by our parents and guardians. Our Kundali expert Pandit Ji can match the Kundalis at an affordable price before the two prospects make a final decision to go ahead and proceed.


Home Tour is mandatory and crucial part of our assessment process to analyze our client’s requirements based on their life style at a glance.


We do comprehensive background check to give the detailed information on the interested prospects which includes Criminal Background Record, Proof of Residence, Sex-Offender Report, and the Most Wanted name search result. This option is available for only NRI’s living in United States.


Marriage fraud is very common and a serious federal crime that ruins the life of the victim. The best way to protect oneself or the parties involved from this fraudulent is to avail this service before marriage. We provide the copy of legal documents to support the immigration verification as a certificate of authenticity.


Before marriage to know your fiance’s income and Employment Verification is another interesting information to have a full financial picture including financial obligations so you don’t get caught off guard after you are married.


Before marriage to know your fiance’s income and Employment Verification is another interesting information to have a full financial picture including financial obligations so you don’t get caught off guard after you are married.